Leif Garrett Arrested For Possession of Heroin

The former teen idol was busted on an LA subway platform

Former teen heartthrob Leif Garrett was arrested Monday for heroin possession after police noticed him "shaking and sweating profusely" on an LA subway platform, a sheriff's spokesman told the LA Times.

LA Country Sheriff's deputies stopped Garrett due to his visible agitation, but the former child star denied having any drugs and said that he "gets nervous around law enforcement because of his prior experience," Steve Whitmore, a sheriff's spokesman told the paper.

Garrett then allowed the deputies to search him, and later admitted he had black tar heroin hidden in his shoe.

This is not Garrett's first brush with the law -- in 2006 is he was arrested on another LA subway for possession of heroin. In 1999, he was arrested after allegedly trying to buy narcotics from undercover officers, and in 1979 he was arrested for drunk driving after an accident that left a victim permanently disabled.

Garrett was released on bail Wednesday and is due in court on February 24.

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