Iraq Bombing Kills 7, Heightens Tensions

A suicide car bomber attacked Iraq’s interior ministry Monday killing at least seven, wounding dozens and raising fears of renewed sectarian strife following the U.S. troop withdrawal earlier this month. A senior police source said the early rush-hour attack was believed to be carried out by insurgents, angered by recent arrest warrants issued by the Shi’ite Prime Minister. Last week, Nuri al-Maliki accused Sunni Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi of using his bodyguards as assassins and issued a number of arrests. A series of attacks followed, the most serious of which happened Thursday when at least 72 people were killed in mostly Shi’ite areas across Baghdad. Vice President Joe Biden spoke with leaders of both groups last week to resolve tensions. A weekly cabinet meeting Tuesday will set the tone for how the crisis will proceed.

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