Wildest Food Crazes: Emotional Support Chicken

Raw cookie dough, sushi donuts, Nutella burgers and Swedish Fish Oreos are just some of the recent foods trends that have swept the culinary world.

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Courtesy Popeyes
Chicken chain Popeyes skewered stressed-out holiday travelers with the "emotional support chicken" - chicken tenders housed in a box shaped like a chicken available at the Philadelphia International Airport. Emotional support, indeed.
IHOP Restaurants
Not to be outdone by Pringles' Thanksgiving dinner in a can, IHOP stole Christmas for its breakfast line-up with six Grinch-themed items for this holiday season, including Grinch-inspired green buttermilk pancakes with sweet cream cheese icing.
Corey Waldron, Adam Kitzmann, Katie Rogers/Edelman/Kellogg Company
Why buy sour cream and onion when you can have pumpkin pie, turkey or stuffing in a can? Pringles' latest wacky flavors draw from the Thanksgiving table. Pringles' Thanksgiving snack comes in an old-fashioned container and isn't for sale at stores. A three-pack costs $15 online at Kelloggstore.com.
Starbucks' Halloween concoction, the "Witch's Brew" frappuccino, is a blended beverage consisting of a purple blend of "toad's breath" and orange crème frappuccino, as well as a swirl of "bat warts" (chia seeds) topped off with vanilla whipped cream dusted with "lizard scale" powder.
Burger King
The Nightmare King burger will be available at Burger King locations from Oct. 22 to Oct 25, 2018. Burger King claims that this burger will make you more likely to have nightmares.
Popeyes' Boneless Wing Bash was for one day only Oct. 4, 2018, and as part of the deal, customers were getting six shimmery boneless wings, a warm biscuit, and a choice of a side dish for $5.
Mondelez International
Odd Oreo flavors is an impressive list in itself, but this time the cookie giant is mixing up its design as well as its recipe. The cookie giant plans to release birthday cake flavored cookies stamped with Mickey Mouse's likeness in celebration of the cartoon character's 90th birthday.
Sonic; Getty Images/iStockphoto
Would you drink this pickle juice slush? Drive-in chain Sonic is betting on its odd new seasonal flavor, debuting the odd treat on June 11th at the start of the summer season.
Would you eat this burger? A Durham, North Carolina restaurant is betting on its customer for its Exotic Meat Month by serving meats eaten around the world. The hair-raising burger served by Bull City Burger and Brewery features beef, gruyere cheese, spicy chili sauce and an oven-roasted tarantula.
A new specialty drink from Starbucks promises to tell your fortune for the day. Starbucks' "Crystal Ball" Frappuccino is a creme based drink that comes in three different candy toppings, with blue sprinkles predicting adventure, green for good luck and purple for "magic, wonder and enchantment." The sparkling candy sprinkles-festooned drink will be available for five days in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, starting from March 22, 2018.
No Tide Pods have been hurt in the making of these Tide Pod doughnuts. Hurts Donut, a Kansas doughnut chain, cashed in on the social media craze with a new doughnut design, substituting detergent for icing.
Westin New York
What makes this bagel at Westin New York so expensive? Gold leaf aside, the bagel is dressed in Alba white truffle cream cheese and topped with goji berry-infused Riesling jelly. Alba white truffles are easily one of the most expensive food in the world.
McDonald's promised to bring back a larger batch of its novelty Szechuan dipping sauce after a severely limited release on Oct. 7, 2017, angered Rick and Morty fans. Some fans stood in line for hours to wait for the sauce, which was referenced in the show.
Courtesy of The Bagel Nook
The Fireball Whisky bagel is the latest in a series of bagel creations by The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey. The whiskey is poured into the dough of the bagel prior to baking.
The Spotted Cheetah
A Cheetos-crusted chicken milanese dish is one of several on the menu at The Spotted Cheetah, a Cheetos-themed three-day popup restaurant in Tribeca. All Cheetos dishes were designed by Food Network's Anne Burrell, and the menu includes both sweet and savory options.
Courtesy of Melissa Hom
Manhattan ice cream shop La Newyorkina has introduced what may be the most unique sundae the city has to offer. The Greenwich Village Mexican ice cream and paleta shop tops its new Happy-Hoppy Sundae with chili-coated, crunchy grasshoppers. The interesting insect topping is paired with Mexican vanilla ice cream that has a hint of chili, mezcal infused caramel sauce and a candied orange slice.
Walmart is releasing fruit punch flavored pickles under their Walmart's Great Value brand for the summer. The jar is going for just $2, and it is already available in over 1,200 Walmart locations.
Simply Thalia
Here's an interesting new concoction: sushi donuts. Simply Thalia in Chicago has started serving up the fishy rolls, which likely originated in California. “I’m always looking for something, a new concept,” said owner Fritz ColCol.
Cookie Good
Cookie dough treats are trending, it seems. Take a look at these cookie dough sandwiches, which are basically baked cookies filled with un-baked cookie. Yup. You can find them at Cookie Good, a bakery in Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
Mark Lennihan
People are standing in line for hours to get a scoop of raw dough from DO, Cookie Dough Confections, in New York. It's the latest foodie phenomenon, and joins a growing list of city food destinations where people seem to be willing to wait endlessly for must-have items, like the cronut or the ramen burger.
Mmm...tastes just like bacon! The Sonoran Mushroom Company claims their oyster mushroom grown in Tucson, Arizona, is a healthier bacon alternative with a similar smoky flavor.
McDonalds has rolled out the "Sweety," a burger filled with Nutella, the popular chocolate hazelnut spread. But to sink your teeth into one, you'd have to hop on a plane first. The creamy treat is only available at the fast food chain's Italian locations.
For a limited time, Nabisco is offering Swedish Fish Oreos. The snack food company Mondelez International owns Swedish Fish and Nabisco, the makers of Oreo cookies.
NBC Bay Area
Le Bread Xpress has vending machines in San Francsico that produce hot and fresh baguettes in seconds.
Getty Images, Eater NY/Nick Solares
An all-day cereal bar called Kellogg's NYC opened in Times Square in New York City on July 4, 2016, with the option to add herbs and seasoning, all for nearly $8 a bowl.
Burger King
Burger King announced the arrival of a new menu item: the Mac N'Cheetos. The fast-food chain began to sell deep-fried sticks of macaroni and cheese encrusted in Cheetos-flavored breading, on Monday, June 27, 2016. It will be available for about eight weeks, or until supplies last. The $2.49 five-pack of portable macaroni-and-cheese bites are similar to mozzarella sticks.
Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse's new Loaded Bloomin' Onion brings together two of the restaurant's signature dishes – the Bloomin' Onion and Aussie Cheese Fries. The appetizer has 2,360 calories, 224 grams of total fat, 5248mg of sodium, and 19g of sugar and serves six, a spokesperson said.
Tim Ireland/Raindrop Cake
A "raindrop cake" is a delicate combination of natural spring water with agar agar (a vegan gelatin) that's shaped into a wobbly ball and served chilled with brown sugar syrup and roasted soybean powder. The transparent confection — actually called mizu shingen mochi — already went viral once in its native Japan but now chefs in New York are making their version. The water-based dessert is nearly zero calories.
Burger King
Burger King announced the release of their Angriest Whopper on March 30, 2016. The burger features a red bun between which flame-grilled beef, thick-cut bacon, American cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, crispy onion petals, jalapeños, creamy mayonnaise and spicy angry sauce are layered.
McDonald's Corp./McDonald's Japan
McDonald's unveiled the "McChoco Potato" on Jan. 19, 2015, a dish drenched in both cacao-flavored chocolate and white milk chocolate for a combination that "creates wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste," the company announced.
Burger King
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its first restaurant in Europe, Burger King has created a limited edition "Whopper Wine." It's available in Spain only, Burger King said.
Burger King
Burger King is adding a spooky new burger to their menu just in time for Halloween. The HA.1.LOWEEN Whopper features A.1. sauce baked into it's black bun.
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., the purveyor of pod coffee machines, is finally bringing its K-Cups to the soup aisle, two years after announcing the partnership with Campbell’s Soup Co.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut's newest creation is a pizza pie with crust stuffed with miniature hot dogs. The pizza, which has been available in Australia, Canada, South Korea and the U.K., will be available in the U.S., starting June 18, 2015.
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are cramming a summer cookout into one burger. The upcoming menu item is made with a beef patty that is topped with a split hot dog.
Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's announced that they will start offering a waffle-cone-and-ice-cream burrito, complete with fudge drizzle and chocolate cookie crumbles.
Starbucks’ popular frappuccino beverage has turned 20 and to honor the drink’s big birthday, the company has debuted a new specialty drink—the Birthday Cake Frappuccino.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell, who've brought us the Doritos Locos taco and the Waffle Taco, have been upping their breakfast game recently to compete with McDonald's. They are testing a "biscuit taco," that can be filled with chicken, sausage, egg, cheese or gravy, in various combinations. This one pictured is chicken topped with jalapeno honey.
Prairie Farms
Peeps has teamed up with Prairie Farms to create three new seasonal Peep flavored milks.
Tony Cenicola/New York Times
Red velvet whoopie pies with different cream fillings at Cranberry Island Kitchen in Portland, Maine.
Dunkin' Donuts joined the cronut craze with their new "Croissant Donut" for a limited time. The craze came more than a year after the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City introduced its new-trademarked Cronut, which became a viral sensation and spawned numerous knockoffs.
Getty Images
The first Wednesday in October is known as National Kale Day, celebrating the eating, growing and sharing of kale. A decade ago, kale was used to decorate salad bards at buffet restaurant, but these days, the super food is a top ingredient in salads and juices. Just one cup of kale has 5-6 grams of fiber, more calcium per calorie than milk, no fat, around 200% of the recommended daily amount of both Vitamins A and C and more than 1000% of vitamin K. Kale is also high in iron and filled with antioxidants.
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut's menu just got a little sweeter, with a sliced chocolate chip cookie dessert.
Getty Images
Bacon ice cream, bacon coffee, chocolate-covered bacon... For a while, amateur bacon enthusiasts and professional chefs alike knew no limits when it comes to the crispy piece of pork. It might just be the longest-running American food craze -- but don't quote us on that.
Deb Lindsey - The Washington Post
For those with exotic taste, raw beef is making a comeback in restaurants.
Taco Bell said the waffle taco, which includes scrambled eggs, sausage and a side of syrup, was the top seller during breakfast hours at the five Southern California restaurants where they were tested in 2014.
Boston Globe via Getty Images
Sriracha madness has hit a fever pitch as consumers worry a factory in California that makes the sauce may soon be shut down because of its spicy emissions. Chefs across the country, including Suzi Maitland, have stockpiled some of the sauce so customers won't have to go without it.
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