No More Vine Porn

Although X-rated videos used to be OK for Vine users, the video-sharing app has decided to ban all sexually explicit content.
In a blog post, Vine wrote that it was changing its rules and Terms of Service to exclude the sexually explicit material.  "As we’ve watched the community and your creativity grow and evolve, we’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community," the post read. "For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything."
Vine also stated that it has "no problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet" but that it didn't want to be the source of it, according to The Verge. Only images that feature partial nudity and have some "documentary, educational or artistic" value will be allowed. Earlier, Vine deleted hashtags and "easy routes" to porn, the report said.
While not having a problem with sexual content, it's a different story when your company has become known or synonymous with porn, such as Vine Porn. For whatever reason, possibly because editors accidentally chose sexual explicit "Editor's Choice" vines, or six-second video clips, sexually explicit content seemed to have dogged Vine. The only way to rid yourself of that reputation is by ridding itself of the content altogether.
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