Should Windows Allow Android Apps?

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Microsoft is debating if it will allow Android apps to run natively  on its Windows PCs and Windows Phone, but is it a good idea?
It's still all in planning stages, but it seems as if Microsoft executives are debating if their devices should use native Android apps on the Windows and Windows Phone operating systems, according to The Verge. In order for them to be run natively, there would be some extreme operational changes for Windows, including adding third party software, possibly from BlueStacks or SweetLabs, to enable it to run, ZDNet reported.
BlueStacks created a Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 version of its App Player that lets users download and run any Android app.Still, others say that Microsoft may be wanting to create a "forked" Android operating system, a la Amazon's Kindle Fire, and get rid of Windows altogether.
Microsoft's new move could alienate developers by shifting to Android. Already Windows app developers are struggling, so making their work less valuable would essentially be ending Windows app innovation. And, as ZDNet points out, Microsoft doesn't even let users download legacy Windows apps from its Windows Store, so is it wise to be favoring a new operating system over making its own better?
This is a strategy based on desperation rather than forward thinking. Microsoft doesn't want to lose any more consumers to Android (or iOS) so it's thinking about joining rather than beating Google
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