‘Man With the Golden Voice': Where Is Ted Williams Now?

In January 2011, homeless and broke Ted Williams stood in the cold at a busy intersection in Columbus, Ohio, hoping for a miracle.

The former radio announcer was trying to piece his life back together after it was ravaged by drugs and alcohol.

"My family had all given up on me," Williams told NBC News in an interview this week.

Williams' chance to start over came when Columbus Dispatch reporter noticed his sign, which pleaded for help and boasted about Williams' "God given gift of voice."

The Dispatch posted a video of Williams' attention-grabbing baritone voice — and overnight, Williams went viral. He got a haircut, a shave and offers for big-time work, including voicing commercials for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. A month ago, Pepsi debuted a new ad voiced by Williams, which is running now and will run during the Super Bowl.

Now, nearly five years later, Williams wants to give back to the homeless community.

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