We're All Miguel Aguilar Now

Last year, in its controversial series that analyzed the progress individual Los Angeles Unified School Districts teachers made with their students, the LA Times reported on two fifth grade teachers at the same school, Broadous Elementary, in the San Fernando Valley community of Pacoima.

With Miguel Aguilar, students consistently have made striking gains on state standardized tests, many of them vaulting from the bottom third of students in Los Angeles schools to well above average, according to a Times analysis. John Smith's pupils next door have started out slightly ahead of Aguilar's but by the end of the year have been far behind.

The example was referenced by the teachers' union, the United Teachers Los Angeles, in protests against the Times of disclosing teachers' individual performances. "We're All John Smiths" was one chant at a union protest.

The paper revisited the story of Aguilar on Sunday.

The good news: It turns out that he's helping teach other teachers at his school, including Smith.

The bad news: One of the fifth grade teachers at Broadous has received a notice that he may be laid off, depending on what happens with the budget.

Which teacher do you think it is?

It's Aguilar, of course.

Layoffs are done on seniority, not performance. Aguilar has eight years. Smith 15.

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