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Mom Breastfeeding Son in Restaurant Receives Heartfelt Note From Fellow Diner



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    Amanda Snyder/Facebook

    It had started off as a regular day for Amanda Snyder as she dined with her father and breastfed her newborn son at her favorite childhood restaurant. But it ended with a mysterious note from another mother that would put Snyder on a mission to find her.

    Snyder was out to lunch with her father and son Haiden at Jimmy’s Restaurant and Bar in Jackson, Wisconsin, a local eatery she has been visiting since she was 12 years old.

    “Haiden, my son, was hungry and I just did what I usually do, feed him,” Snyder told NBC Chicago on Facebook. “He hates covers but I try and stay discreet (sic) as best I can without making it too complicated. He just wants to eat.”

    As Snyder fed her son, another woman walked by and commented on how cute Snyder’s baby was before heading to the restroom. On her way back to her table, the woman stopped again to say that Haiden was cute and told Snyder to have a nice day.

    “A few minutes later my waitress came over with a cake and a note seemingly confused and said this was for me,” Snyder said. “I read the note and immediately teared up, took a picture and posted it to FB.”

    The note read: “Saw you breastfeeding your little one and wish I had the courage to do in public. Mom of a 4 month old myself, it makes me smile to see such a precious moment. Keep going momma, doing good.”

    Snyder posted a photo of the note to a group page on Facebook with the message, “I just wanted to try and reach the wonderful momma who sent this to me at lunch. It means a lot! I hope one day you find the courage and someone passes this along to you too.”

    “I’ve just been trying to find her so I could return the favor and just give her a big ole hug,” Snyder said.

    Snyder has received plenty of positive feedback since she first posted, but so far she has not found the mysterious mother behind the heartfelt message.

    Snyder still hopes she will connect with the mother, but if not, she has a message she hopes the women will someday see.

    “I hope she finds courage,” Snyder said. “Because the time she tries may be the time someone does this for her. It meant a lot to me especially with all the negativity towards [breastfeeding]. I would like to personally thank her and I have a gift for her as well.”