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Jerry Brown Woos Younger Voters



    Jerry Brown Woos Younger Voters
    Jerry Brown talked to reporters following the debate.

    Jerry Brown's been around for years, but is he strictly for old people? Do kids even know who he is?

    Seeking to woo younger voters, the Brown campaign hosted a "Brown Bash" at Orson last night, drawing a crowd of hip youthful urbanites. (Oldsters were allowed to attend as well.)

    The surprise musical guest at the event, according to the Chron's Beth Spotswood, was Stephan Jenkins, of Third Eye Blind fame. Yeah, that guy. Apparently, the Brown campaign's idea of "young people" was last updated about a decade and a half ago.

    Paper visors were given away, for some reason, and Jerry Brown himself put in an appearance, giving a scratchy-voiced speech about his passion for leadership and the usual politician-things.

    Brown's spirits were likely buoyed by a recent endorsement by the Fresno Bee, which wrote today, "Meg Whitman seemed to offer new ideas from an outsider's perspective. That was appealing. But she quickly got caught up in the insider's political game. ... We believe that Attorney General Jerry Brown would be a more effective leader and recommend him for governor."

    Earlier, the paper endorsed conservative Carly Fiorina for governor, despite her penchant for off-shoring jobs. The thumbs-up for left-leaning Brown was far from guaranteed, so his campaign must be breathing a bit more easily this afternoon.

    Time to crank up the Third Eye Blind and party.