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Perry, Hutchison Teams Take Cyber Stabs at Each Other



    Perry, Hutchison Teams Take Cyber Stabs at Each Other
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    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is ducking it out on YouTube and Twitter with Gov. Rick Perry.

    They've haven't quite stepped into "The Octagon" to settle their political differences ... yet.

    For now, campaign staffers for Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison are duking it out on YouTube and Twitter.

    Hutchison's campaign spliced together a YouTube channel called Tricky Ricky 2010.

    In one of the videos (with Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust" blaring in the background), Hutchison's camp criticizes Perry's endorsements, hinting that they're not as conservative as voters might think. And instead of throwing the kitchen sink at Perry, the video reminds voters of some of the people Perry endorsed and voted for when he was a Democrat (Jimmy Carter, Al Gore).

    One note to the Hutchison folks: there was a typo from a newspaper story, unless Hutchison's campaign staffers can predict what the Star-Telegram is going to write in the future.

    Perry's didn't take it sitting down. His staff has chronicled Hutchison's campaign announcement and events in a YouTube channel called AKayOticCampaign.

    One recent video shows one of Hutchison's stops, and the Perry folks make sure to point out that only seven people were there to see her (with Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" serenading the viewer).

    Stay tuned. With all the new media opportunities out there, both campaigns are sure to continue cyber-punking each other.