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So, Like, Does California's New Speaker Have a Boyfriend?

Gay Assembly speaker's private life a little too private



    So, Like, Does California's New Speaker Have a Boyfriend?

    There's one big question that the media has been avoiding about John Perez, the newly designated speaker of California's state assembly.

    Is he seeing anyone?

    Perez, the first openly gay politician to soar to such a high rank in California politics, is surely the most eligible confirmed bachelor in Sacramento.

    Why the mystery? The Sacramento Bee goes on and on in a detailed profile, offering plaudits from colleagues -- "congenial," "intellectual" -- and tidbits about his tastes -- he likes college football, cigars, and rubber duckies.

    Buried in a sidebar: "Single."

    Since Perez is on the market, interested fellows should focus on the following hints supplied by the Bee:

    • His nickname is "Big Papi."
    • Perez is "extremely knowledgeable .. about Jewish culture although he is not a Jew."
    • "Burly."

     If that's not enough information to get some matchmaking going, then California's yentas are hopeless.

    And if Perez starts seeing someone? Then shame on media outlets which ignore that salient personal detail.

    We know all about the First Ladies of California and San Francisco. The husbands of political hopefuls Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina come up regularly in the candidates' biographies. And we're well aware of the business dealings of Dianne Feinstein's wealthy husband, Richard Blum.

    We're going to stay on this story. And we'll let you know what we find out.

    Owen Thomas is taken, but he can recommend some nice fellows.