Donald Trump

Republicans Gather in Support of President Trump on Election Night

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In San Mateo County, Republicans gathered to support President Trump on Election Night.

About a hundred of them watched intently on a big screen as the results came in and erupted in cheers and applause as they learned Trump had won in the battleground state of Ohio and was leading in Florida. 

And while a lot of votes are still waiting to be counted, they're confident the president will win another term. 

“Overall I’m pretty positive that things will remain in his favor overnight and will see if President Trump makes America great again,” said Brandon Lang of Redwood City.

Only about 23% of California's registered voters are Republican so the fact that Joe Biden won in this state was not a surprise. But many in San Mateo were happy to know millions elsewhere in the nation backed the president.

Now it's a waiting game. The question as the president's supporter left Tuesday night was how long they have to wait.

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