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‘This Campaign is Not Over Yet:' Bernie Sanders Tells Energetic Crowd in Oakland

Sanders also stopped by Sightglass coffee in San Francisco, and the business tweeted out a photo of him, saying: “Bernie in the house!!"

Bernie Sanders received a rousing welcome during a brief visit to his campaign's Oakland office Tuesday as supporters thronged him, screaming "Bernie, Bernie,” and, “Let’s go, Bernie!”

His rally in Sacramento drew 16,000 people Monday night, and on Tuesday, Bernie promised to return to Oakland, as well as visit San Francisco. 

Around 2:30 p.m., Sanders met with the editors of the San Francisco Chronicle. He also stopped by Sightglass coffee on 7th Street in San Francisco, and the business tweeted out a photo of him, saying: “Bernie in the house!! Thanks for stopping in and sharing a cup, @BernieSanders & Jane!” [[378864151, C]]

Sanders delivered his usual impassioned speech to a standing-room only crowd.

“It is not just addressing the crises that we face, it is waking up the American people to understand they’ve every right to expect a government which represents every one of us, and not just the top one percent,” Sanders said to cheers inside his campaign office. “And the way we do that, and why we call this campaign a political revolution is that you know and I know that no president can do this alone.“

Sanders was greeted by crowds at his College Avenue headquarters in Oakland’s Rockridge district, near the BART station, Market Hall and Claremont Middle School, where the principal ducked out to snap a photo with the progressive presidential candidate.

“The people themselves by the millions will stand up and fight back, because that is always the history of real change in this country,” Sanders said to cries of “Bravo!”

Sanders said he believed he had a shot to win in West Virginia.

“We want to revitalize American democracy,” Sanders said, once again to cheers, adding that he believed he still had a shot at winning the nomination. [[378864101, C]]

“California has the largest number of delegates, it is absolutely imperative that we do well here,” Sanders said referring to the upcoming June 7 state primary.

More than 6,000 people showed up at a rally for Sanders this morning in Stockton. “We will be back here in Oakland, we will be in San Francisco, we will be marching all over the state, and we hope you will be marching with us,” Sanders promised the crowd.

When Sanders stepped outside, he was greeted by an equally vociferous crowd of supporters, cheering loudly, clapping and snapping photographs, as his security detail guided him through the crowd.

Sanders told a reporter: “The media said the campaign was all over, that she [Hillary Clinton] had won, but now she has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars because I think she is catching on, that here in California and all over this country, working people are saying that it is too late for establishment politics … They want real change, they want a government that represents all of us, not just Wall Street.”

He added: “Look around here, look at Sacramento last night … We’re going to fight for every last vote, and if things go well in the next nine states, we got a shot to win the majority of the pledge voters.”

When asked whether he could keep up with Clinton when it came to campaign spending, Sanders said: “We’re doing OK with fundraising, we have more than enough money to run a strong campaign throughout California and through the end of this process.”

“Do you still believe that you have a chance?” the reporter asked.

“I’ll not deny for a moment that it’s an uphill fight,” Sanders replied, “but an uphill fight doesn’t get me nervous, that’s what I’ve been doing since day one.”

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