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49ers' Davis Vows to "Destroy" Bears



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    Vernon Davis prediction: "I think we can destroy them."

    If the Chicago Bears needed any bulletin board material for Thursday night's game against the 49ers, San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis just delivered an entire Office Max's worth.

    "I think we can destroy their front," Davis said of the Bears, in remarks captured by the San Jose Mercury News. "The guys up front, I think we can destroy them. I don't see anything spectacular about their front line."

    This is coming from a guy who carries a purse.

    "Their linebackers, I think we can handle them pretty well," he said. "I like (Adewale) Ogunleye. I like the way he's playing up front. He's about the only player I like on their defensive line."

    Has Vernon Davis not considered that one of these guys is Lance Briggs, a four-time Pro Bowler?

    "He can't check me," Davis said of Lance Briggs.

    This some fantastic trash-talking by Vernon Davis, I personally laughed two times. That's two more laughs than Vernon Davis has gotten out of me.

    Disappointingly, Davis tried to walk back these remarks on his Twitter feed Tuesday night. "I know people are talking about what I said today," Davis tweeted. "I wasn't trying to take a shot at the Bears. I was showing confidence in my team."

    No need to water down that trash talk, Vernon Davis. Just don't write any tweets that your body can't cash.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who couldn't figure out how to send this from his iPhone.