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Profiles In Awesomeness: Brett Keisel's Beard

Pittsburgh Steelers' DE Brett Keisel might have the greatest beard of all time



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    According to Pittsburgh Steelersdefensive end Brett Keisel, Brett Keisel has the greatest beard in the history of mankind. What’s more, we’re kind of inclined to believe him. 

    Since starting it after a hunting trip with his father in June, Keisel’s beard has become the stuff of legend. It is now a massive, reddish beard--named, according to Keisel, “The beard,” or “da beard”--somewhere between that of a Civil War general and a viking. Or, a young and really jacked Santa Claus. At any rate, clearly awesome.

    Tee shirts, reading “Respect the beard, fear the Diesel,” are available for purchase on Keisel’s website--all the proceeds from which will go to Cystic Fibrosis research--and The Beards’ Facebook page has more than 22,000 fans.

    With such intrigue surrounding Keisel’s mega-beard--and Keisel’s frank, tongue-in-cheek approach to questions about it--it’s not a great surprise that the face-pelt was a favorite topic among reporters at Cowboys Stadium on Tuesday for media day. Question ranged from upkeep, to the beard’s supposedly magical properties, to a controversy that the defensive end would like to dispel.

    People are saying that I’m taking beard-enhancing drugs," he said, per Yahoo! Sports, "but I’m not.”

    Ah, but all good things must come to an end. Keisel’s wife left him a razor in his stocking for Christmas, and though he has no designs on using it before the Super Bowl on February 6, he admits that, after the big game, the beard will be gone sooner than later.