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Raiders Tag Team With Martial Arts Girlfight



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    If you're planning to watch Raiders-Broncos in Oakland, they'll throw in discount tickets to see mixed martial arts women's champion Gina Carano defend her title.

    You thought that Raider-logo'ed commercial jumbo jet that only offers service in Asia was kind of an unorthodox promotion for an NFL team? Then this is really going to knock you out. The Raiders have entered a partnership to offer ticket packages that also include female mixed martial arts fights.

    It's called "The Oakland Raiders/STRIKEFORCE Sports Pack," something that sounds even cooler when you say it in a monster truck radio advertisement voice. The deal offers tickets to the Strikeforce Women's 145-Pound Title Fight event on Aug. 15 in San Jose, plus upper reserved tickets to the Raiders' home game against the Denver on Sept. 27.

    The women's mixed martial arts title fight plus Raiders-Broncos means you'll see a lot of personal fouls for your $62. That represents a savings of nearly 20 bucks off the price of buying upper-level tickets to both events individually.

    The women's title fight pits Strikeforce 145-Pound Women's World Title holder Gina Carano against journalist-choking challenger Cris Cyborg. It's something of a historic bout. This card marks the first time ever that a women's fight has headlined a mixed martial arts card featuring both men and women's fights. So, you know, you'd be able to tell your grandkids about having seen that.

    The Examiner's MMA writer Eddie Graveline -- jeez, everybody in this mixed martial arts community has a much cooler name than I do -- has obtained the flyer for this promotion, and it's as awesome as you'd expect.  Both of the fighters are babes. The Raider helmet looks right at home next to those tattooed bruiser mamas in their black sports bras.

    Give the Raiders this much credit, they're leading the league in unconventional promotions and partnerships during a difficult period for sports franchise ticket sales. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell frankly might not be on board with some of the Raiders' unusual promotional partnerships.

    But then again, Al Davis frankly might not be on board with caring what Roger Goodell thinks the Raiders should or shouldn't do.

    Joe Kukura is na freelance writer who will be known as "Joe NuclearMoneyshot" when he becomes a mixed martial arts writer.