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Sack Michael Vick for the Dogs



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    A takedown of Michael Vick will help feed shelter dogs.

    When the Philadelphia Eagles come to Oakland this weekend, quarterback Michael Vick will have to deal with more than just rowdy Raiders fans.

    The most notorious dogfight ringleader in the country has a target on his chest and it's not because he'll be throwing passes. Put a pack of hungry pit bulls on the field and Vick would likely be running for his life. But since that's not going to happen, animal shelter supporters are using the power of linebackers to help them achieve their goal of feeding homeless dogs.

    The group Concerned Dog Owners of California has organized an effort to help feed dogs, via football. Every time Vick gets sacked or tackled, the group will donate five bags of food to dog shelters in Oakland.

    The group is asking for $5 donations and will match the first $1,500 to help feed the dogs.

    Vick served 23 months, 60 days of them on home confinement, for bankrolling the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation at his Virginia home. Many say the time wasn't enough and the Eagles got a lot of flack for signing him to a deal that could be worth more than $5 million.

    He's already promised to work with the Humane Society to help discourage kids from following his path of cruelty to animals but dog owners in California say that's not enough.

    The Vick Challenge is all part of the group's effort to "rehabilitate Vick" and help change the way people think of pit bulls.