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TMZ Says McNabb May Still Land in the Bay Area

Rumors of quarterback coming to San Francisco won't go away



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    Is he staying or is he going?

    Wednesday we learned Donovan McNabb has no interest in playing for the Oakland Raiders, according to the fine reporting of TMZ.

    "A source close to McNabb tells TMZ, 'He does NOT want to play for the Raiders and would refuse the trade'," according to the report.

    A day later the recently launched TMZ Sports had its Bay Area rumor mill running in overdrive. The gossip zine of choice is reporting that while the Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback has poo pooed any move to Oakland he likes the view across the Bay.

    Presumably using the same "source close to McNabb" the rag is reporting that he could end up playing for the San Francisco 49ers. This despite all the team's front office chaos.

    The 49ers for their part have gone on the offensive and said they are not interested in McNabb. But that isn't stopping more respected football publications than TMZ from speculating that McNabb would easily lead the 49ers to the playoffs.