A Few Lucky Giants Fans Get Their 15 Minutes

Team invites a group of die hards to participate in the filming of a commercial.

By the sounds of it:  We're missing quite a ball game inside AT&T park.

The crowd is screaming their lungs out, "Buster! Buster!" Now they're jumping to their feet. 

Maybe he hit a home run.  Or Maybe this is just wishful thinking.  A peak through the center field gates at AT&T Park makes it perfectly clear what is going on. 

Yes, there are fans decked out in crazy black and orange combinations going nuts in the stands. 
But it isn't for the San Francisco Giants. Rather a couple of large film cameras and a director with a bullhorn are here filming a commercial for the team.

At least a couple hundred die hards drove in from as far away as Tracy to get their 15 minutes in the spotlight  -- and sunlight because it was a little toasty in San Francisco Friday.

The Giants chose the fans based on a 250 word essay describing their fandemonium. Even 2-year-old Isaac Daly made the cut.

Decked out in a Giants' baseball uniform, he screamed out what we think was probably the first word ever uttered from his lips:  Poseeey!

Don't forget that the Giants Fan Fest is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at AT&T Park.

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