Animals at Six Flags Root on the San Francisco Giants

Animals at the Six Flags theme park root for their favorite team in the World Series—the San Francisco Giants!

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Two Pacific walruses, Siku and Uquq, cheer on the SF Giants with "yes, yes,yes" chants.
The Feast | K.Cisek
Faruk the bengal tiger cub could hardly contain his excitement for his favorite orange and black team
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California sea lion, Kai, roots for first baseman Travis Ishikawa.
NBC Philadelphia
The giant elephant, Liz, is a big fan of her fellow San Francisco Giants
Siku and Uquq blow kisses to their favorite baseball team, the San Francisco Giants.
Siku and Uquq are sure the San Francisco Giants will win the World Series this year!
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Liberty the bottlenose dolphin says Hunter Pence is her favorite player on the SF Giants because he can hold his breath as long as her.
Pat Zipp, Bristol Police Department
Asian small-claws otters Fenway, Sydney and Tucker, cheer on the San Francisco Giants at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.
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