San Francisco

As Crews Clean Up After Warriors Parade, Dub Nation Continues Celebration

Cleaning up after more than a million people is quite the tall task, and city workers in Oakland were still at it late Thursday night after the Warriors championship parade and rally downtown.

Some in Dub Nation, however, didn't want the special day to end.

As crews were breaking down the stage near Lake Merritt, and nearby streets were gradually reopening, several fans were continuing the celebration of the Warriors' second NBA championship in three years.

"The whole week, man! Who knows, it might go for the whole week," said Warriors fan Anthony Fernandez, of San Francisco, who was partying with others on Telegraph Avenue.

"Everybody's just coming together because we all rock with the Warriors. And we've been doing this since they were paying us to go to the games."

Those who couldn't make the parade stopped by on their way home from work. And those who were there were reluctant to let go of the feeling.

"Very exciting," said Danielle Bond, of Oakland. "The energy was uplifting. ... It was so joyful."

A merchandiser from Florida was still selling. He said he's been to 12 championship parades across the country.

"It has its own place in terms of volume and amount of people," said Brelan Shoemo, of Jacksonville, referring to the Oakland celebration. "There were a lot of people here."

As for the cleanup, crews hauled 8 miles of barricades back to the warehouse and had a lot of confetti to sweep up. Oakland Public Works said it had 100 staff on the streets cleaning Thursday, including 12 street sweepers.

No word yet on how much the parade and rally cost overall, but the Warriors say they're picking up the tab.

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