Barry's HOF Dreams Not Dead

As a convicted felon, Barry Bonds may not be able to carry a gun or vote, but that doesn't mean he won't be a Hall of Famer - and soon.

Bonds name could appear on the ballot as early as November 2012.

Sports writers are pouring in their opinions and many say Bonds deserves the honor.  Even before the verdict came down, Buster Olney said on Sunday Night Baseball that he will probably vote fore Bonds.

Sports commentator Bob Costas said Thursday on the MLB Network Bonds would get his vote.

"By the way for the record, I would vote for Barry Bonds for the Hall of Fame, not on the first ballot I would withhold it... but I would vote for Bonds or Clemens on the basis that they had established on their natural merit irrefutable Hall of Fame credentials before they ever started juicing."

Giants coach Bruce Bochy also gave a thumbs up. Before Wednesday night's game in San Francisco Bochy told told that Bonds deserves induction. 

Jon Heyman with Sports Illustrated made a good case:

As for Bonds, I don't think anyone could reasonably make the case that he needed drugs to be a Hall of Famer. When Bonds signed with his hometown Giants for $43.75 million in December of 1992 to become the highest-paid player in baseball history he was already the best player in the game, and he earned that contract through only good genes (his dad, Bobby, was also an incredible combination of speed and power) and hard work. He had a small head at the time, and he maintained that, at least in the literal sense, for several years to come.

Writer Dan Mori, who gets to vote himself, wrote says he's in with a yes vote as well:

I cannot bring myself to vote for him in the first year of his eligibility because he sullied the game.  Nevertheless, Barry Bonds deserves his place in baseball's Hall of Fame and I would give him my vote after a five year series of no votes.

Sports watchers said from the start of the trial that the one of the reason's Bonds made a perverbial federal case out of the federal case, was because he wanted to get in the HOF.  Now even with a guilty verdict, if the above writers are right, he didn't need to go to all that trouble.

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