“Dre Being Dre” Take Two

Of all the ugly sights in Sunday's 35-10 49ers loss, nothing was more unsightly than Dre Bly grandstanding on an interception return and then  fumbling the ball right back to the Falcons.

Yes, 49ers were down by 25 points when Bly engaged in his showboat shimmy. Yes, Bly was 75 yards away from the end zone when he shoved his right hand behind his head and began to prance. Yes, he started doing a touchdown dance before he had even crossed midfield.

Atlanta receiver Roddy White taught Bly a lesson, chasing him down and snuffing his Deion Sanders impersonation by stripping the ball.

If that weren't enough to make the fans upset, in a post-game locker room interview Dry did anything but apologize when talking to reporters.  His response to a question about why he ran like he did,  "Dry was just being Dry."  Nice.

That attitude changed by a full 180 degrees by Monday.   Coach Singletary had Bly publicly apologize during his weekly press conference.

"I want to come to you all, publicly apologize for yesterday," Bly said, in remarks transcribed by the San Jose Mercury News. "It was totally, totally inappropriate. I apologize to coach. I’m not a selfish guy. I didn’t mean to embarrass him, if I did embarrass him, I embarrassed my team, I embarrassed the ownership and embarrassed the fans."

Bly apologized for a few minutes, but it doesn't sound like Singletary's letting him off that easily. "Dre is going to apologize to probably everybody in the building,” Singletary told the Mercury News.

Bly may feel fortunate that this happened right before the 49ers enter their bye week. But that just might give Singletary more time to come up with additional ways to punish him.

Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who would have made Bly play the rest of the game high-stepping with his right hand cocked behind his helmet.

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