Could Sunday Be Mike Nolan's Last Game As 49ers Head Coach?

While his starting quarterback may be on the hot seat after a fourth straight loss, San Francisco Head Coach Mike Nolan could be coaching his team for the final time on Sunday, according to ESPN's Michael Smith. Smith, speaking on NFL Live earlier today, reported that "barring a major change in course," Nolan would be given the heave-ho after Sunday's game with Seattle, and would be replaced by

defensive coordinator

assistant Head Coach Mike Singletary.

It should be noted, of course, that he didn't mention "if they lose." So, it seems that win, lose or draw, the 49ers could have a different Mike calling the shots next Monday. The 49ers are currently 2-5 -- narrowly out of the NFC's West basement -- while they have compiled an 18-36 record during Nolan's tenure with the team.

Of course, Nolan remains confident in his current job status because, well, it's his job to be confident. From Matt Barrows' blog at the Sacramento Bee:

"I have no choice but to be confident. It's not a choice, it's the way it is. That's my job."

Meanwhile, Nolan confirmed today that J.T. O'Sullivan will remain the 49ers quarterback this Sunday because, in Nolan's words, "When we go to practice, we complete a lot of balls."

Now if they could just translate that over to the games.

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