Report: Former Teammate Will Testify Against Barry Bonds

It looks like Barry Bonds has more than just a failed urine test to worry about when his perjury trial gets underway on March 2nd. According to ESPN, Bobby Estalella, a former Giant who admitted using steroids provided by Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson, is prepared to provide "significant testimony" to back up the government's claim that Bonds knowingly took steroids.

Estalella admitted using the same substances, as well as human growth hormone, during the same BALCO investigation that led to the Bonds statements being questioned by federal prosecutors. He's reportedly able to provide first-hand knowledge of Bonds' steroid use, something that would be quite damning to Bonds' case.

There are a lot of similarities to the Roger Clemens case at play here. The most damning thing for Clemens was the testimony of Andy Pettitte. When Pettitte admitted to taking human growth hormone, acquired from their shared trainer Brian McNamee, and accused Clemens of doing the same thing, it became much harder to believe that Clemens was clear of any wrongdoing.

The biggest difference between the two cases, then, is the role of the two trainers. McNamee accused Clemens while testifying for Senator George Mitchell and stuck to his guns when Congress came calling. If and when Clemens' own perjury trial gets underway, McNamee will almost certainly be one of the key witnesses.

Anderson, on the other hand, went to jail rather than testify to a grand jury about Bonds. He's been subpoenaed and his mother-in-law's house has been raided, yet his attorney says that Anderson will neither appear nor testify during the trial. The feds will keep pushing, but if Anderson never cracks he may wind up as the only friend that Bonds has left.

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