From Torture to Rapture — Giants Bring Championship to San Francisco

The Giants have brought home their first World Series title since the franchise arrived in San Francisco in 1958.

A 3-1 victory wrapped up a stellar series of pitching as the Giants clinched the 106th World Series four games to one.

It was a mystery thriller that took batter upon batter to unravel. Who would give up the game’s first run? Few would have thought it would be three at once.

At a blazing pace, Tim Lincecum and Cliff Lee were diamond peddlers on the World Series stage, each with their own unique gem.

Then the Lee levee cracked. World Series MVP Edgar Renteria crushed a 3-run home run in the seventh inning with Cody Ross and Juan Uribe aboard -- each had singled. Renteria hit .412 in the series, with two homers and six runs batted in, and was selected the most valuable player.

Renteria's three-run jack

Texas got a solo home run from Nelson Cruz in the next frame to cut the lead to 3-1.

The first marquee matchup of the postseason was Lincecum versus Roy Halladay in Game One of the NLCS. They did it again in Game 4 of that series.

Game One of the World Series was just a tease for what Lincecum and Lee would offer up on the first night of November. A thriller no Giants fan will ever forget.


During the game, hundreds of Giants fans watched the game just outside the steps of San Francisco City Hall on a giant screen television.

After erupting with the final out, even more fans quickly flocked to AT&T Park where thousands gathered to cheer on the team's World Series victory. 

Police were out in force as well and in the early hours, were able to keep the peace.  The television helicopters that flew over head showed fans dancing in the streets, and at one point jumping on at least one automobile.


The Giants' -- and the city's -- next big event is a midday, downtown Championship Parade on Wednesday, starting at 11am and planned to last a couple of hours. The parade route is identical to the one traveled by the Giants when they introduced themselves to San Francisco in 1958.

Aubrey Huff, unemployed at the beginning of 2010, led the Giants in home runs this year. As a matter of fact, in his 11 seasons in the major leagues he had never bunted. Until the fifth game of the 2010 World Series. Imagine that? And it took a stunning play by Cliff Lee to get Huff at first.

He told the New York Times that he was ready for the parade: At the victory parade, Huff vowed to wear his infamous red, rhinestone-studded thong. “I better get a spray tan,” he said.

Manager Bruce Bochy got chatty with the Huff Post when he thought about what the Series win really mean: "This buried a lot of bones – '62, '89, 2002," Giants general manager Brian Sabean said, ticking off losing Series appearances. "This group deserved it, faithful from the beginning. We're proud and humbled by the achievement."

The route follows through the Financial District, down Market Street and then ending at City Hall. KNTV will have wall-to-wall coverage of all the festivities.

San Francisco hasn't hosted a world championship team since the San Francisco 49ers beat the San Diego Chargers back in 1995.

Worth the wait.

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