Giants CEO Larry Baer Explains Potential Changes to Oracle Park Dimensions

There likely will be some changes to Oracle Park this offseason, but don't expect to see any major modifications to the ballpark's dimensions before next season.

Giants CEO Larry Baer recently was asked about potential adjustments to the facility and spoke candidly about his vision for the architecture.

"I would say, on the bullpen mounds, most likely," Baer said to the San Francisco Chronicle. "It comes down to architecture and design, and what we can do that we're pleased with and feel is going to serve the team and serve the fans."

"In terms of dimensions, I think some dimensions may change, but I don't think the view is going to be, ‘Bring in the fences to make it a hitter-friendly ballpark' and do anything in the extreme. There would be, as a result of some of the work that we do, some changes in the dimensions as well."

With regard to Triples Alley -- which some feel should be adjusted to make Oracle Park more hitter-friendly -- Baer rebuffed the idea of taking away one of MLB's most distinctive ballpark features.

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"The triple is a spectacularly exciting play and it's been a signature of the ballpark," Baer said. "I don't think there's any desire in our four walls to get rid of it. Whatever 421 (feet) become, if it changes, I think the major thrust of the ballpark will not change in that respect."

The Giants offense was much more successful on the road this season, hitting almost twice as many home runs (57 at Oracle Park, 104 away) and having an 18-point difference in batting average (.230 home, .248 road) between the two.

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