Peninsula Little League Has World Series Hopes

The Bay Area's hottest baseball team doesn't get paid to play.

In fact most of the players still have a bed time. But this team from the Peninsula is on the verge of the Little League World Series.

Excitement doesn't even begin to describe the feeling of those watching the Belmont Redwood Shores little league team.

“It's an amazing feeling. Whether they go to Williamsport or not, they're winners to the community to me. They've done such a great job. No one expected for them to go this far,” Roger Marcelo said.

With no live TV coverage, the folks here found a way to watch the game asking a parent down in San Bernardino where the game was being played to use her cell phone and livestream through Skype.

It worked.

The team is just two games away from Williamsport.

If they win this weekend, they're going to the Little League World Series and become the first team from their district to do so.

“It's definitely history in the making. The dreams coming true for the boys that are down there,” Kristin Jones said.

They won Wednesday night.

Just two more wins and they are on their way to Pennsylvania.

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