PETA Names AT&T No. 1 Vegan Ballpark

Every year, PETA releases a "Top 10 Veg-Friendly Major League Ballparks" list.

And this year, AT&T Park checked in at No. 1 on the list, beating out the surprising 2010 winner, Philadelphia's Citizen Bank Park.

"The only thing sweeter than a World Series championship is knowing that no animals had to suffer for a tasty ballpark meal," writes Michelle Sherrow at PETA's site. "Mouthwatering meat-free options at AT&T Park include veggie dogs, veggie burgers, portobello mushroom sandwiches, meatless burritos, grilled vegetable sandwiches, and noodles with ginger, sesame, and veggies."

At this point, doesn't everyone have veggie dogs?

Because they should. And not because it means not killing an extra hog, but because the manner in which a hot dog is produced -- if you don't know, you don't WANT to know, trust me -- is kind of gross. Plus, no one can tell the difference in the flavor of the veggie dog and the all-"meat" hot dog, especially when it's piled with a bunch of toppings.

But I digress: How about the fact that Philadelphia's ballpark is consistently ranking in the top five for vegan-friendly ballparks? Isn't that really weird to everyone else? Since, you know, they're kind of famous for cheesesteaks. And because Phillies fans don't really seem like the type that would really embrace a bunch of soy-bean-filled foods.

San Francisco kind of makes sense because it's a progressive place (recently ranked seventh by PETA in terms of vegan cities!). Philly just seems ... weird. And full of cheese and steak.

Whatever, they're there. And the important thing to remember is that PETA put this list together because they care about baseball watchers avoiding meat, and not at all for attention.

No, but seriously, this kind of list is actually nice relative to screaming that the band Phish needs to change their name to help support actual fish. Or trying to rename "tenderloin." Or trying to pay for Lindsey Lohan's rehab if she goes vegan. That sort of stuff is just silly.

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