Please Stop Talking About Melky Cabrera

In the lead up to and during much of Game 1 of the World Series, there was a lot of chatter about Melky Cabrera. Wasn't he their best hitter? Shouldn't they be maximizing their chances to win? Why didn't the Giants activate him?

And we're to tell you: no, they already are and lots of reasons. Also, everyone, STOP TALKING ABOUT MELKY. Consider this your one-stop shop for why he's not relevant anymore.

For one, yes Melky was leading the league in batting average when he was caught using performance-enhancing drugs. How does that sentence not solve itself to anyone who can read?

Two, if you haven't bothered to read clips from the Giants about life in the clubhouse post-Melky, then you clearly don't understand the dynamic. Many -- most? -- of the players would've welcome him back. But there's a faction, including clubhouse leader Buster Posey, who probably would protest to management if Melky returned. Buster was clearly miffed when a) Melky got caught and b) Melky left without saying anything. Handing over the batting title doesn't help things. Objective stats are clearly important in baseball, but when a team's on a run of six-straight elimination-game wins, you don't mess with clubhouse chemistry.

Three, the offense is fine. They just Panda-smashed Justin Freaking Verlander. Marco Scutaro is basically like Willie Mays at second base. Posey hasn't really gotten going yet. If he does, look out.

Four, defense. Gregor Blanco might not be an All-Star Game MVP*, but he can play some D, y'all.

Exhibit A from last night:

And Exhibit B, a few innings later, both via Bay City Ball's Chris Quick:

Oh, and then there's this. When Melky got caught on August 15, you probably know where the Giants stood in the NL West. Oh no, you don't do you? You thought they were already in first, huh?

See, they weren't. They had a .542 winning percentage, they were behind the Dodgers and they didn't look like a team that could win the World Series. But of course you know where they ended up:

By my math, the Giants went 30-14 over their final stretch of games, good for a .682 winning percentage. It didn't hurt that the Dodgers floundered in the same stretch, but the Giants were one of the best teams in baseball down the stretch ... without Melky Cabrera.

See? Lots of logic here why the Giants don't need Melky, which doesn't even take into account the rust from a baseball layoff he's had.


So please, let this be a moratorium on talking about Melky for the rest of the World Series. The Giants don't want him, don't need him and he ain't walking through that door.

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