Second Oakland Raiderette Cheerleader Sues Team

A second Oakland Raiderette cheerleader - this time, a co-captain - has sued the NFL team, alleging that the Raiders are in "flagrant violation" of state law by failing to pay the peppy squad members fairly, give them meal breaks, among other claimed violations.

The new plaintiff, identified in court documents as Sarah G. (PDF), essentially alleges the same labor violations as cheerleader,  Lacy T., who claims she and her fellow cheerleaders are not even making minimum wage.

Sarah G. states she has worked as a Raiderette since 2010, and Lacy T. started working as a Raiderette last year.

The Raiders did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday. In a previous request, the team declined comment to NBC Bay Area when the first suit was filed.

US Department of Labor spokesman Jose Carnevali told NBC Bay Area on Tuesday there is an "open investigation" into the cheerleaders' claims.

The amended complaint was filed Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court by attorney Sharon Vinick, who is now representing both women. Both cheerleaders are seeking injunctive and declaratory relief, compensation for all unpaid work and other damages.

Vinick said, by her estimates, the women who cheered for the Raiders last season could be entitled to somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 each in wages and penalties.

In Lacy T.'s suit, the cheerleader alleges that she and the other cheerleaders receive $1,250 for the whole season. That's $125 per game, or less than $5 an hour. They pay out-of-pocket for everything else.

Sarah G.'s woes are also listed in the suit, where she states she was fined $10 for not turning in a written biography, she was docked for missing a rehearsal, and she spent about $4,500 of her own money in unreimbursed expenses.

The suit also states that Raiderettes are expected to attend 10 charity events each year "without any compensation." And those "charity" events, the suit states, includes Raider Image store appearances.

NBC Bay Area's George Kiriyama contributed to this report.

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