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Tokyo Food Scene: ‘Luxury' Fruit and Unusual Varieties of Kit Kat Bars

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Tokyo’s food scene is one of the top three in the world, and that includes its stores, such as one with high-end fruit and another dedicated to Kit Kat candy bars.

For those who want to eat more healthy, one of Japan's most exclusive fruit shops is the Sembikiya Fruit Parlor, where melons cost about $200 each and mangos go for about $250 apiece.

It is common in Japan to give such "luxury" fruit as a gift.

Down the street, there is a shop dedicated to Kit Kat bars, the top selling candy in Japan. The store carries more than 300 varieties of Kit Kat bars, among them green tea, banana and soy sauce.

The popular coated wafer bars also come in fancy gift bags for those who want to treat their sweet-tooth friends and loved ones.

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