Golden State Warriors

Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes in the Bay Area

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Derek Carr top the list

With winning, comes a payday.

Just ask Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Following their championship run, the two superstars of the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday officially inked their new deals, making them the highest annually paid athletes among those representing the Bay Area's six major professsional sports teams.

Turns out, only players from three out of the six major Bay Area sports teams earned a spot on the highest paid list, which is based on an athlete's average annual salary, as delineated by

Below is a list of the 10 Bay Area-based players with the highest average annual salaries:

1. Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors: $40.2 million

2. Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors: $25.6 million

3. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders: $25 million

4. Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants: $22.5 million

5. Johnny Cueto, San Francisco Giants: $21.7 million

6. Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants: $19.9 million

7. Jeff Samardzija, San Francisco Giants: $18 million

8. Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants: $18 million

9. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors: $17.2 million

10. Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors: $16.4 million

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