WATCH: Warriors' Stephen Curry Sinks An Astonishing 77 Straight 3-Pointers

The rumors are true.

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry shot 77 three-pointers in a row during practice on Tuesday in Oakland ahead of the NBA playoffs, which kick off this weekend.

"It was the most he ever made," Warriors spokesman Matt De Nesnera confirmed to NBC Bay Area.

And for those who are counting, de Nesnera added, Curry actually made 94 out of 100 in all.

To compare, Curry's teammate, Klay Thompson told ESPN the most he's ever made is 36 consecutive three-pointers.

Still, apparently Curry didn't set a national record. The top two three-point shooters were amateurs.

According to the National Basketball Shooters Association, then-60-year-old Fred Newman, a Caltech graduate, set a Guinness world record for shooting 209 consecutive three pointers in 1996. And Rick Rosser shot 131 in a row in 2011.

NBA coach Ed Palubinskas confirmed the amateur records to NBC Bay Area, saying that more professional players would make more shots if they just put a scientific approach to it. Still, he noted Curry has a great "feel and touch."

If the shooters association counted pros on their list, Curry's 77 would place him third. "But pros can't complete with us," Palubinskas said with no irony in his voice.

How does Curry do it? He shot a total of 100 three-pointers from five spots around the arc -20 from each spot. He takes 10 at one way around the arc, and then 10 more going back.

The Warriors are the top overall seed in the postseason, and will open Saturday or Sunday at home against New Orleans or Oklahoma City.

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