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Comcast Creates the iPad App TiVo Should Have Made



    Comcast Creates the iPad App TiVo Should Have Made
    The new Xfinity iPad app.

    It looks like cablemeister Comcast has suddenly blasted itself into the 21st century with the rest of the hepcats. How do we know this?

    Here's Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demonstrating Xfinity Remote, a gorgeous iPad application that lets you control your cable box with style and grace.It takes the clunky set-top box interface and turns it into a convenient and easy-to-use iPad app, with an interface that includes that missing link in home theaters, a keyboard. TiVo, are you watching?

    Check out how you can change channels, program recordings, search the schedule, and that most important thing of all to cablemeisters, select a pay-per-view program. And it's all happening right there on a big, browser-based iPad app. TiVo wouldn't have far to go to develop something like that, given the existence of similar TiVo tech for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Comcast hasn't announced when this iPad app will be available.

    Disclosure: that Comcast cable monster will soon devour our parent company NBC Universal if the government permits it, along with your humble narrators here at DVICE. So yeah, Comcast, this is a great idea. Beautiful. If TiVo catches on and tries to copy it, sue them.

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