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Netflix Ups Ante for Content: $100K per Episode



    Netflix Ups Ante for Content: $100K per Episode

    Netflix continues to cross the distribution streams with negotiations to make in-season TV episodes available, according to the New York Post.

    Netflix would pay between $70,000-$100,000 per episode. Not per season, that's per episode.

    The fight between studios, networks and, now, streaming distributors is laid bare yet again as these negotiations continue.

    YouTube (Google) and AppleTV (um, Apple) are also lined up to get some of this streaming goodness to their users. And the networks themselves have Hulu to feed.

    Some Hollywood types are having some hindsight issues about offering their shows to Netflix and other streamers. As the Post puts it, "Are (the studios) mortgaging their future?"

    Despite their own best efforts not to, studios have survived other disruptions to their business flow. Remember when they sued to kill VCRs and in-homes entertainment only to see it become their main source of revenue? Not exactly visionary thinking.

    But Netflix has another concern -- and that's Net Neutrality. If the nation takes to streaming in a big way (some say 50 percent of households in five years) then someone is going to pay for all that bandwidth.

    Comcast, for one, sure sees the train in the tunnel coming. And Boxee's CEO has pointed out that broadcasters' "resistance is futile."