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What to Do With Your Old CDs - Trade Them in for an iPad



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    Your old CDs could look like this.

    Let's hope you didn't let your significant other talk you into getting rid of your old CDs after you ripped them. If so, your S.O. owes you an iPad. There's a company, iPodMeister, that will take your old CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-rays discs, digitize them (or not), and in return, you can choose from a variety of iPods, iPhones, and even an iPad.

    iPodMeister will take any and all genres of music, but will not accept scratched discs, porn, promotional discs, compilations, bootlegs or home-made discs. Discs must have album art, and track lists. iPodMeister can rip the discs you submit and send you a DVD with all the MP3 files, but more discs be required to get your freebie iPod. Blu-ray discs get double credit, and each disc in a multi-disc collection counts. Just 220 DVDs or CDs will get you an iPhone or iPod Nano, and 600 discs gets you a 16GB iPad. How can it be? Supposedly they'll sell your used discs in other countries. They'll even send you a prepaid shipping label to send off your discs.

    Sound too good to be true? I think so too, but I'm willing to try them out — if I get ripped off, you'll be the first to know. Let us know if you've tried them out and how it worked for you.

    iPodMeister via Unplggd