WATCH: Life-Sized Wall-E Replica Robot Comes Alive

A citrus farmer and his robot-building team called the "Wall-E Builders" created a life-sized Wall-E robot.

A citrus farmer in Bakersfield, Calif., and his group of "Wall-E Builders" have created a real life, moving and talking Wall-E robot from scratch.

In honor of "Geek Week," Tested posted a video on YouTube of Michael McMaster explaining how the beloved Pixar character was built over the course of nearly six years, tech site The Verge reported.

McMaster said a fellow member of the R2 Builders Club suggested they start a Wall-E Builders Club in 2007, one year before the movie came out.

Making Wall-E life-sized was a challenge because of the animated character's roots on-screen. Thanks to Blu-ray's high definition format, screen grabs from the movie helped McMaster and his team replicate the details of the robot, he told Tested. 

"The first thing we found was that there known objects in the movie: we had a Rubik's cube, a VHS tape," he said. "We were able to extrapolate how large the hands were in relation to the body, how big the body was in relation to the head. That's the way we worked, sort of in reverse."

Not only does the Wall-E replica look like the Pixar character, he also talks and moves just like the one on film. McMaster and his team are still working on improving the robot's movement.

Even Pixar's animators told the "Wall-E Builders" they were "pretty close" to the the original scale of the character, McMaster said.

Check out the interview below: 

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