Marc Benioff Calls On Tech To Give Back — Big

SF's biggest tech employer is also the city's biggest philanthropy booster.

There are needy nonprofits and efforts rich in nobility but short on cash everywhere in the Bay Area.

Marc Benioff is trying to get them $10 million. And he wants everyone in the tech world to help out.

The CEO has little patience or understanding for fellow tech boom barons who don't want to give back, according to to San Francisco Magazine.

Benioff, whose $33 billion company employs 4,000 people in San Francisco, is trying to get 20 tech companies total to give $500,000 each to philanthropy group The Tipping Point Community.

That would be 75 percent of the entire giving seen in all of 2013, in about two months, the magazine reported.

Benioff has made waves for his 1/1/1 philosophy, in which 1 percent of his firm's profits are given away to charity.

That makes the city better, yet many tech firms are reluctant to give, the magazine reported -- due to a "pervasive and pernicious culture of selfishness," according to Benioff.

"You've got CEOs who don't believe that organizations or individuals should give back," he told the magazine, adding that "this is not what companies do."

But Benioff is convinced that he can convert enough firms to his way of thinking. As he put it, he's sent out 25 emails asking CEOs to give -- and he's received 14 yes replies.

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