Study: Over 2/3 of Americans Would Go After Mobile Device Thieves

A veto-proof majority of Americans would put themselves at risk over a stolen smartphone.

If your iPhone was stolen, would you try to get it back yourself?

Most people would.

Sixty-eight percent of people responding to a survey say that they'd put themselves at risk of physical harm if it meant retrieving a stolen smartphone or other expensive electronic mobile device, according to reports.

Most phones are lost, not stolen: Almost half of phones are lost between noon and 5 p.m., in the act of being left at a bar or restaurant or other public place, the survey conducted by mobile security firm Lookout found.

Only 10 percent of people have had a phone stolen, but, as the San Francisco Examiner noted, 50 percent of robberies in the city focused on phones as the target. And with the loss of a phone comes the loss of pictures, contacts and banking information.

Hence the drive to get that phone back -- sometimes at all costs.

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