Tom Perkins: The Rich Should Have More Votes

World's most-outspoken rich man speaks out again Thursday.

The war on the 1 percent is still raging, according to outspoken millionaire Tom Perkins.

The "self-appointed spokesman" of America's upper classes spoke out to the Commonwealth Club on Thursday.

And following up a legendary, "most-read" letter to the Wall Street Journal in which he compared current class struggle to the Holocaust, Perkins ruffled feathers again.

Perkins, 82, who co-founded a venture capital firm and was briefly married to novelist Danielle Steel, apologized for the controversy he caused a few weeks ago, but seemed eager to cause more Thursday, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

He "kind of" apologized for his comparison of economic jealousy to Kristallnacht, but then added that "a parallel holds," the newspaper reported.

Perkins maintained that a "war on the rich" is real, and that the wealthy need to be allowed to do what they do -- they are, he said, the "most creative" part of society.

And then he left them stinging with this zinger: voting power should be directly tied to economic wealth, he said. "If you pay $1 million in taxes," he said, "you should get 1 million votes."

Here we go again.

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