Woman Mistakenly ID'd As Sergey Brin's Mistress Sues

Ooops: People magazine sued for $4 million by wrong woman in Google Glass.

Google Glass has landed People magazine in a world of trouble.

$4 million worth of trouble.

When running a story on the mistress of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, the magazine used a stock photo of a woman wearing Google Glass. Problem: the photo is of self-described "entrepreneur" Nathalie De Clerq -- and not Amanda Rosenberg, Brin's actual love interest, Vanity Fair noted.

De Clerq was not amused by seeing her image described as Brin's mistress, and is now suing People for $4 million, Vanity Fair reported.

Vanity Fair Report: Google Glass Broke Up Founder Sergey Brin's Marriage

A lawyer for De Clerq says that since her photo ran in People, she's been "shunned" professionally and is having difficulty getting new business, according to reports.

Brin split with his wife, 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki, in 2013.

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