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Prison Can Be a Real Pain in the Butt



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    Convicted murderer Terry Nichols claims that his prison diet constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

    Prison has turned out to be a real pain in the butt for convicted terrorist Terry Nichols.

    The Oklahoma City bombing conspirator has lost a round in his lawsuit seeking more whole grains and fresh food in his diet at a federal prison in Colorado.

    In his complaint, Nichols complained of "chronic constipation, bleeding and hemorrhoids" as a result of being denied insoluble fiber, The Smoking Gun website reported

    Nichols wrote that he has suffered from digestive problems for 30 years, had rectal surgery to deal with the problem in 1984, and needs a high fiber diet .

    Not only that.

    He "sincerely believes that God created mankind to consume unrefined whole foods ... to keep one's body (ie. God's holy temple) in good health to ward off various diseases," according to the complaint. 

    What could help him take care of his holy temple?

    Nichols provided the court a shopping list: 

    • More raw veggies
    • Fresh fruits 2-3 times a day
    • Brown or wild rice instead of the white stuff

    And bowls of Kellogg's Original/All-Bran, Raisin Bran or Bran Flakes. Triscuits too, according to the complaint. 

    A federal judge in Denver on Thursday denied Nichols' request for a preliminary injunction. The judge says Nichols didn't show that he faces immediate and irreparable injury.

    Nichols is serving a life sentence for conspiracy and involuntary manslaughter in the 1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing in Oaklahoma City that killed 168 people. His co-conspirator, Timothy McVeigh was convicted of murder and executed.

    To be sure, Nichols wrote in the complaint that he was "not a terrorist."

    Okay, then.