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Failing Our Students

Let's not leave millions of education dollars on the table



    Why would Bay Area public schools turn down millions of dollars when we’re so severely underfunded we’re laying off teachers? I'm Suzanne Shaw, NBC Bay Area Editorial Director. “Race to the Top” is a new federal program offering California schools up to 700 million dollars in stimulus grants. That’s our tax money, used to educate our children.  But less than half our school districts qualify for the money.  Why?  Because there are strings attached, including national standards, and some teachers fear they'll be judged by their students’ performance. Yes, many factors influence a child’s success – but this money will support instruction and more effective teaching.  Leaving it on the table is unfair to our children and their future. We urge you to tell your local schools and teachers to join the “Race to the Top.”

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    Editorial Update: On Thursday March 4th, California lost out on the first round of Race to the Top Funding. To learn more about this program and the next round of funding, please see the links below:

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