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5/7 - 5/9: Godzilla-thon

Viz Cinema, Batman and Mastodon



    5/7 - 5/9: Godzilla-thon

    Several days of destruction have come to the big screen in San Francisco. Godzilla-thon is in full effect at New People who say, "Don’t miss this rare chance to witness the beauty and enormity of Godzilla on 35mm prints English-OVERDUBBED!"

    Meanwhile, 'Send up the Bat Signal' as the Cartoon Art Museum hosts 'Batman: Yesterday and Tomorrow,' showcasing six strikingly different interpretations of the Dark Knight, representing some of the boldest visionaries to illustrate the DC Comics icon. "From his first appearance in Detective Comics in 1939 to the blockbuster Dark Knight film of 2008, Gotham City’s Caped Crusader has taken on many forms, from cartoonish and campy to dark and disturbed, from daring detective to grim force of vengeance."  

    And Oakland's Fox Theater hosts the heavy metal band from the ATL, "Mastodon" in a month where they'll also showcase 30 Seconds to Mars, The National and She and Him.