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9/17 Monotonix

Plus Pacific art and chocolate talk



    The Dos and Don'ts of Good Sleep

    ISRAEL ROCKS OUT:Monotonix, a three-man punk group from Tel Aviv, is putting on one of their booming, crazy, eventful shows at The Independent at 8 p.m. Buy tickets here and prepare to go deaf for at least a week.

    US-PACIFIC BLEND:APAture is an annual festival celebrating the artists of the Kearny Street Workshop. The art extravaganza showcases Asian Pacific American creativity- tonight comedian and playwright Kenny Yun will perform. 

    MMM DELICIOUS HISTORY:Seneca Klassen of Bittersweet Cafe will host a talk on the history of chocolate. Head to the Conservatory of Flowers tonight at 6- if only for the post-lecture chocolate tasting.