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Fig Leaf Underwear Shields You From TSA Nudie Scans



    Fig Leaf Underwear Shields You From TSA Nudie Scans
    This little fig leave will protect you from full exposure to the TSA.

    There's been a lot about the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) full body scanners at U.S. airports in the news — the ones capable of seeing your private bits and pieces.

    Of course, for every problem there's a product: special "underwear" that protects you from the gaze of pervy TSA officers.

    Rocky Flats Gear, the makers of this fig leaf underwear, is pretty unabashed about its creation. It's selling underwear that uses a powdered metal to block the X-rays from the body scanners at airports. According to the company, its product is essentially laced with tungsten and other metals to get through TSA metal detectors without a hitch.

    Maybe this underwear isn't the godsend for travelers it appears to be, though. I mean, I'm glad that someone is taking the initiative to fight back and protect people from the TSA and it's evil scanners, but a fig leaf? No offense, but these look fit for senior citizens who might wet themselves just walking through the body scanners. Surely, Rock Flats Gear can come up with a more flattering design.

    That, and hiding your junk from the TSA sounds like a one-way ticket to Gropesville. It's not like they'll see a huge blind spot and think, "Oh well, guess we'll never find out what's behind that fig leaf!"

    Most of these fig leave briefs run under $20. There are even bras for those who are worrying about their upper bits. What's worse, the TSA giggling at your oddly shaped junk or laughing at your fig leaf underoos?

    Rocky Flats Gear, via Wack Trap

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