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Martin Cate Unveils Smuggler's Cove in All Its Tiki Glory



    Better Sleep = Better Grades

    Fresh off lots of national attention in the New York Times this week, tiki god Martin Cate finally popped the lid on Smuggler's Cove last night at a lil' media preview.

    The basic, three-tiered skeleton of the former Jade Bar remains the same, with bars on two levels, but every nook and cranny in the space has been decked out in every way possible, from the waterfall to the various trinkets that Cate has been collecting for years (sidenote: for those wondering, the one-way mirror in the bathroom is gone).

    Given the anticipation and that it's so such an intimate setting, expect it to be packed in the earlygoing. For now, before The Yin checks it out in the near future, take a cursory glance in the gallery on Eater SF.

    As for the cocktails, the booze bloggers and tiki cultists will probably have plenty of better details in the near future but here are some highlights: the menu encompasses 80 drinks, the rum list includes a couple hundred options, and there will even be exclusive "clubs" (with punch cards!) for the regulars who work their way through the entire drink list.

    It's due next Tuesday, December 8. Lots of further reading on Smuggler's Cove can be had here, here, here and here, with lots more likely on the way.

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