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Silicon Valley's Surprising Reality



    An aerial view of San Jose. Photo: Cocoi M on Flickr

    The Index of Silicon Valley published each year by Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a public-interest group which promotes the business environment here, has story ideas all over it. 

    Here are some highlights from this year:

    • 48 percent of people living in Silicon Valley do not speak English at home.
    • 51 percent of new foreign immigrants to Silicon Valley have college degrees or post-graduate degrees.
    • 60 percent of the employees considered "highly skilled" working in Silicon Valley were not born in the United States.
    • Silicon Valley accounts for 7 percent of California's population, but pays 16 percent of its taxes.
    • The average Silicon Valley drives 14 percent less than they did in 2002.
    • The number of Silicon Valley high schoolers able to hit state university requirements has dropped and so too have the number able to hit state college standards.
    • The median Silicon Valley household income is roughly $85,000.  Average Californian: about $60,000.  Average American about $50,000.
    • The median for computer hardware engineer is $118,000.  The median software engineer makes $153,000.
    • 21 of the 25 most popular jobs in Santa Clara county are in the field of science or engineering.


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