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More Rain in the Forecast



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    Jim Grant

    If you blinked, you missed the break in the weather.

    Forecasters say there is more rain in the forecast.

    Here's the official forecast from NBC Bay Area's Rob Mayeda:

    Our tropically charged subtropical jet stream that was lobbing storms at us like a fast-pitch baseball batting cage has moved away from us and weakened somewhat for now, however, we'll see a pair of weather systems bringing more rain and some breezy conditions back to the Bay Area Sunday through Tuesday.

    There have been a few lightning hits offshore along the frontal boundary - so a rumble or two of thunder yet again can't be ruled out.

    Its looking like the coastal mountains will be approaching 3"-5" between Sunday night and Tuesday - especially in the ocean-facing SW slopes of the Santa Cruz mountains and North Bay coastal range.  The Peninsula will probably see another couple inches of rain with amounts of generally less than 2" for places like San Jose - in the somewhat rain shadowed lee side of the Santa Cruz mountains.

    A surf advisory has been called along the entire Bay Area coast from Monday noon until midnight.  Waves could easily top 10 feet.

    Saturday saw a rare funnel cloud sighting in the East Bay city of Brentwood.  The National Weather Service said the cloud was nine miles south of Oakley, and that it weakened before touching down.

    The Bay Area barely has enough time to clean up before the next rains hit.  The pending systems don't pack the same punch as last week's storms, but with the ground already saturated, they could mean trouble.

    On Friday, rain-related accidents caused the death of two young people.  A seven-year-old child was killed when her family's van collided with a big rig carrying grapes on a rain-slicked highway.

    Friday night a toddler was killed in San Jose when a 60-foot tree fell and crushed the cab of his family's truck in downtown San Jose. 

    The falling tree had many concerned about future incidents.  Several days of rain mixed with major wind gusts are proving too much for tree to handle.

    Tree expert and arborist Michael Young says it is hard to detect the viability of a tree, but recommends people look for signs of weakness at the base of tree in and around your homes.

    He says warning signs include mushrooms, open cavities and cracking or separation of the limbs.

    "I would take it upon myself. The cities are overwhelmed. Their budgets are stressed and they have thousands of trees that they can barely care for so if you have a large tree in your yard or near your yard and you're concerned about it, I would call a certified arborist and get it inspected," Young said.

    Also on Saturday, specialized workers hung off the side of a cliff in Pacifica Saturday in an attempt to save an apartment complex from slipping into the ocean.  They will spend the next several days drilling rods into the cliff which will become facing for a new layer of concrete intended to hold the cliff up.